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Dear friends

Mirta and I have been married for 29 years, God blessed us with three talented, beautiful daughters, Sharon, Karen and Lara. We decided, at a very early age to prepare our daughters to be missionaries abroad, serving people in need. But we never imagined that God will call us first. With a strong desire to be a pilot, since a little boy, God led me to read the many stories of aircraft medical missionary work.

We are sure God was leading us through so many places preparing us for what was his purpose. After trying many times to find our place in the US, the first month of 2014 Miguel was despaired praying to God to show him what to do, where was the place for us to be.

In August, 2014, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at the International Pathfinder Camporee, God offered us the mission field through Gospel Ministries International (GMI), a faith -based organization that directs and supports medical aviation programs in several countries and reaching people in these countries.   After talking with Pastor David Gates in one of the hangars in Oshkosh, we offer as volunteers,  without thinking that he will say “ I need you now in Bolivia” , these words were not that we expected (no to fast), but we were sure that this was the answer to our prayers. So when we finished the chat at the hangar, I was speechless for a moment, thinking: “What I can say to my wife right besides me? I was feeling about 90 % to say “yes, I want to go… but my wife? Our girls? So I just shot a prayer, saying: “I will not try to open my mouth to convince Mirta that we should go. And immediately she asked: “What you think?“. I said: “Well, I will say that we should go, but you… I don’t know about what you think.”

Right after she said something that I think it was the Lord impressing her that we should go: “Well… lets go”. That for me was the answer from heaven, saying that We Have To Go. That is something that I can never achieved  myself with such “crazy” decision when it comes to convince her about anything that she doesn’t want. God answered amazingly.

For Mirta the decision was very painful, special because this involved leaving our two oldest daughters in the US. Sharon was 19 and Karen 17 at that time. Sharon and Karen are studying in the United States, dedicated especially to the preparation for a day also  they can be missionaries. Lara she was 13 so will be with us.

That Friday night , Mirta asks God for a signal that it was exactly He want us to do. Together we ask in prayer that if we could find Pastor David and his wife Becky in the middle of 50,000 young people in the Sabbath morning in the big convention and talk with them it will be the signal. So we went with our group of pathfinders, 20 people with our folding chairs to the field where all the pathfinders club meets together. Mirta decided to go around with the Argentinian flag. And I sit down in my chair . Suddenly a man stopped beside me talking in a perfect Spanish, and he asks me if I was from Argentina, and we started a conversation. I ask him, (since he is an American man) where he was learning the perfect Spanish and he said ” Bolivia“. Oh, I said, “Maybe do you know Pastor David ?“, and he replied: “Yes, he is my brother in law and he is seated there”, two rows behind us!!!! God clearly shows us that Bolivia was our next destination.

This was the first miracle and they continued.

February, 2015 we arrived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia,  to the Red ADvenir Channel, at the beginning was a challenge  after another, the three first months  we lived in a very poor neighborhood next to the campus, because in the campus was not  more places to live. We stay in a  rented  a house, 1.25 miles from the channel, without  transportation, we  needed to walk to go to work at the channel every day. Sometimes we were very tired. Been volunteers 100 % , without any salary at the beginning was hard. I remember one day when we have only 12 Bolivians and we need to get the last 100 dollars from an ATM for our food and basics. I decided to go with Lara to the city to go to an ATM to do an extraction. We get there and when I put the Card on it, the transaction was made, but the machine didn’t give us the money. I get very frustrated and angry, I called Mirta telling her please check the bank account to see if they took the money, and I explain her what happens. She gets very nervous, the data for internet were very slow but it worked, she saw that the money had been taken out of the bank; while she was trying to get in the bank someone knock at the door, but Mirta was so upset that she thought:  “I will not answer the door”  She was sitting on the floor in the living room with the computer in her legs. we didn’t have any furniture, the person continues knocking, it happen for almost 8 minutes. finally Mirta begins listening because the man was calling by name to Miguel, and she recognized that it was a missionary, and she felt ashamed because she acts in that way. Finally, with all the disappointed from loosing the money she went to answer the door and this man said: “I have something for your family” and he reach to Mirta 300 bolivianos ( 44 dollars) . Mirta was amazed, how God was taking care of us. That amount of money is a week of food for us three.

It happens so many times. In another time we don’t have nothing in our refrigerator and no money, that evening we asked God for help, knowing that He will answer in some how our prayer. and that night we found two bags of food at our door. God is a God of perfect timing. He sent  “Angels ” to help us. In Ephesians 3:20 Paul says ” Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…”. We are learning to depend on God,  we learn that if we leave to God to control of the things , it will be a lot more good that we expected.

Four years passed since we have accepted God’s calling to go to the mission field to work in the medical and mechanic areas. Because of the great need in Bolivia we have agreed to take this step of faith and go do the God’s will in the mission field and begin helping many people that need our help in the isolated communities. Most of the time we need to use an airplane to reach these places because the road is in very bad conditions and the trip will be too long, sometimes days.

Now Mirta is working to prepare Medical Mission Trips to the interior of Bolivia. In October of 2015 we did our first Medical Mission Trip to Mamore River. It was a shocking experience for Mirta, she saw so many needs in the different communities, where there were lack of medical attention , no enough nutritious food, no right hygiene, and lack of Christian literature. And then she decided to begin the Mission, Send Me Projects, to prepare trips to the jungle.

And by God grace I received in September, 2017 the License for Private Pilot. In November 2015 thank to Pastor David Gates and  Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation, (who sponsor the course), I began the course for Private Pilot. It was a long journey, almost two years, so many times I get very discoraged, but thinking about Brianna’s parent and the sacrifice that they were doing for me and Brianna’s dreams, I kept going; the last 4 months were so hard, with the flight school that didn’t help, the weather was bad, was raining or windy, impossible to do the solo fly, there was a lot of work in the campus, if the day was good I can’t go to the flight school because the school had some problem with the airplane or I couldn’t leave the job. Mirta decided that we need to begin to pray intensely; every morning early we walk to the runway and  we pray for God intervention. Every morning until  God answered! The difficulty with the school,weather and my job vanished and in September 21,  I finished  with all the tests for my license, only thank God Intervention one more time. And this is actually the beginning of my learning process.

The airplane that I could fly is at the Trompillo Airport, here in Santa Cruz, the mechanic is working with the maintenance and painting the new number of its Bolivian registration. My dream is to work flying making emergency evacuations of hospitals from remote areas, saving many lives that otherwise would not have access to medical services, also providing others routine services such as carrying all kinds of supplies, food, medicines, clothing, building materials, tools and mail to other missionaries and people living in these areas, wherever God sends me. I don’t see another future, but working on these kind of projects.

If you are thinking of going to be a missionary, We encourage you to put it in pray. ask God that Him prepare you for such mission and He will prepare you, As Moises, God took him to the desert, 40 years to prepare him for that big work to lead people through the Egypt liberation. God is preparing  and will prepare you too!

Our website has the name Mission, Send Me.  Jesus was ordered to his disciples the mission to go and  preach the gospel, and thus our mission too. Jesus was ordered to his disciples the mission to go and  preach the gospel, and thus our mission too.  It is our  longing that God could send you and us to go and work, helping others and through the Bible, we can bring hope, peace and the knowledge of a Savior Jesus Christ.

We invite you to pray today for Bolivia and for all the different countries where are missionaries working. Our work is to sow! Also, special thanks to God first and all the people that through these four years were helping us in the work with the communities through their prayers or financial support.


Miguel & Mirta


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