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The months spent in quarantine sometimes seem like a dream, but it is a reality that we have all been or are living,  full of emotions, losts and miracles. We have a mighty God who knows our trials,

QUARANTINE MIRACLE!2024-03-15T15:32:05+00:00

Martha needed an emergency surgery.

Martha grew up in a small community 1 hour from San Borja's City, Beni's Deparment in Bolivia; This town, "La Embocada", is on the banks of the Maniqui River. She lives with her parents and

Martha needed an emergency surgery.2019-11-05T18:31:02+00:00

Fernanda is Walking!

On October 29 last year we received this picture from Dr. Romulo Rivero Urquiza, doctor of the INTEGRAL PRIMARY CARE PROGRAM SAFCI - MI SALUD  (MI HEALTH)  at La Emboscada Health Center of the Municipality of San Borja,

Fernanda is Walking!2019-08-05T11:21:58+00:00
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