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Through Muddy Roads…Medical Mission Trip

With much anticipation, we arrived on Sunday 26 to the city of San Borja. Which is located to the Northwest of the Bolivia, where the indigenous Chimani communities are located. They live at the banks of the Maniquí river and their diet consists of mainly fish, plantain and yucca. We had the blessing of flying

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Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces…Medical Mission Trip

In a small house in Puerto Rico, Lydenice (spouse, educator and nursing student) had been praying for 12 years for the conversion of her spouse Guaili. In the past year God had begun to impress Lisy to go to Peru to work as a missionary. The aspiration grew, and she began to wish to visit South

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Mamore River, Second Trip – Medical Mission Trip

A phone call to Beni, an area where is the Mamore River is, caused me decide to suspend the trip. The call had alerted me that there was rain every day, that river had grown a lot, that roads were almost impossible to transit, and that bus costs had increased. With such a predicament I

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