Project – To visit the Tsimane communities.

During this next Medical Mission Trip, April 28 – May 03, we will visit 5 indigenous communities with in total with 391 families, this time we will go by land.

The name of the communities is:

  1. MAJAL  with 44 families
  2. JAMANCHI l  with 26 families
  3. EL TRIUNFO  with 85 families
  4. TACUARAL DEL MATO  with 128 families
  5. LOS MANGUITOS  with 108 families

We will work with Dr Romulo Urquiza and the doctors that work in this area, these villages are part of the territory that the doctors of the Bolivian Health System work during the year, but for the distances and the scarce resources the doctors can’t visit the communities often, there isn’t dental attention in these communities.


  1. Transportation costs
  2.  Food supplies for 8 people
  3.  Dental medicine
  4.  Tooth brush and paste for gift to the children
  5.  Medicines: Antibiotics, paracetamol, diclofenac , antiparasitic, etc…
  6.  Bibles – 350
  7.  Step of Christ book – 400
  8.  Supplies for children’s activities
  9. Prayers for divine appointments and the 391 families that they could receive the good news of Jesus soon return.

Thank you for your prayers and support!