A phone call to Beni, an area where is the Mamore River is, caused me decide to suspend the trip. The call had alerted me that there was rain every day, that river had grown a lot, that roads were almost impossible to transit, and that bus costs had increased. With such a predicament I lost my faith and forget all the blessings that God had given us!

With much sadness in my heart that night, I could not sleep thinking about the 72 Bibles and 200 Steps to Christ that had been destined for this trip. I did not want them to stay here in Santa Cruz. Early that morning I told Miguel that I  wanted to make the trip anyway; but I would reduce the team to only 5 people. Alex and Leonardo: both doctors, David: a dentist, Alejandra: a psychologist, specializing in nutrition and I had the physiotherapy part (Doctors Alex and Alejandra had come especially from La Paz to make this trip).  With new hope, I talked with Becky and Pastor David, who, despite the bad weather in Santa Cruz,  offered us the biggest plane to take us to San Joaquin. That morning in Santa Cruz it rained torrentially, just after noon we were able to leave.

I had the privilege that Miguel was the co-pilot on the plane! From the left, Alex, Leonardo, Alejandra, me, David, Miguel and Brandtley.

Thanks to the Mayor of San Joaquin, we were able to reach Puerto Siles, where the boat was waiting for us. We leave from there directly to Santa Rosa de Vigo; After traveling 7 hours with the current in our favor we arrived at a community of 70 families. There we were able to give medical attention, with dentistry,  psychology and nutrition.  Alejandra was able to work with Yerko.


Alejandra with Yerko and Dr. Alex, studying the bible in the boat!

Long before the trip I was praying that God would bring us divine appointments, and providentially God put Yerko in our path, he was Seventh Day Adventist and we invited him to accompany us the rest of the journey and it was a great blessing for him and us.

In the house of the Mayor of Santa Rosa de Vigo, when we said goodbye he told us that the most precious thing he had in his house was the Bible that we had given him.

Attention was given at the Health Post, about 20 days ago the doctor was left.

The next day we began our return to Puerto Siles visiting each community and house that we found on the banks of the river. Our first community was Villa Jesus, there were 3 families, but the parents were not there. We only found about 10 children.


Doctor Leo gave each child anti parasite and chew-able multi-vitamin pills.

The next community we visited that day was Villa Delmira, there we slept in the tents that we had brought with us. Throughout the trip there were so many mosquitoes. In the early morning the doctors attended to patients.  Saturday morning visited Belensito where we found 5 families, in each community we were leaving Bibles with a booklet of Bible promises, a study of the three angels message and 8 natural remedies, along with the Steps to Christ, a beautiful book that speaks to us of how it was the life of Jesus here on Earth and the wonderful plan of salvation that the He offers.


From there we passed the community of Peñita, there were also 5 families well.

 We arrived at night to Florida for stay the night. We had been there a year and a half ago and knew the couple in charge of the place. They were very friendly to us, after 3 days we were able to sleep in beds and give ourselves a cold shower. We found the attendant in bed with fever, muscle aches and a lot of headache. Alejandra and Alex gave him natural treatment of contrasting compresses with which his headache quickly disappear. The next morning before we left we were given an injectable antibiotic and again the contrast baths to raise the defenses and thus teach them how to do it in cases of high fever. From there we left to Coperativa. With great joy I came to this community,  twice I had visited them and left many friends!

While we were attending, a boy approaches me and tells me that they are coming from Peñita; that early morning they made 3 hours in the river following us to Coperativa. They had not been when we had attended in Peñita.


The whole group that followed us to Coperativa, four of these young people had tooth extraction.

Finally we arrived at the last community, Ranch Los Limones, it was such a great pleasure to meet again with Mrs. Elma. Her husband had gone to work for another ranch but we were able to take care of the 4 families that were represented there.

The stay was very blessed. At night we had a beautiful worship service, where we sang, we told a story for the children and Dr. Alex gave a short devotional. All the families came and received a Bible.

Approximately 400 patients were able to attend in the medical area, dentistry, physiotherapy, psychology, helping with medication, helping with preventive medicine, nutrition advice and praying with them.

Many thanks first of all to God for drawing up plans for us, for the 72 Bibles left in 72 homes, for the 175 Step to Christ that were delivered. Many thanks to the medical professionals who donated their time to do this trip,  Special thanks to each of you for the donations we received, medicine, Bibles, Steps of Christ, food and transportation; your support and  your prayers made this journey possible.

God richly bless you!


Mirta & Miguel Farias