“One day, when I was doing my seventh grade almost at the end, the school had received letters with application for helicopters pilot. I was really excited, so I went home at lunchtime and I saw my father working in the field with the farm tractor. I started making signs to him let him know that I have something very important to talk about. So, my father doesn’t want to stop because he had just a little bit more to go and finish but I want to stop him anyways taking a kind of piece of rock to throw that to him and I hit the cab. My father finally stops but just to spank me and sent me home. That was the end of my dream of been a pilot for many years. Every time that I saw a plane or helicopter I still have to say something like a prayer: “Lord I want to the pilot of that thing”.

 … After we arrived and start working here in Bolivia even when I was driving the new Massey Ferguson cutting the grass near by the runway, I saw the turbo charged Cessna that Herman (the chief Pilot) brought to do service on it, flying on top of my head, I guess only God knows my feeling at that moment with my eyes wet and the prayer once again came up: “Lord I want to be one of them”.

… The only thing that I am pretty sure is that we have a short time to do God’s work and it is right now. The Titanic (this world) is coming down and we have to aware people. I feel that this is my mission today: to be a pilot for God…  Sincerely, Miguel A. Farias. Future Pilot for GMI only by the grace of God.” This is part of the testimony that I sent to Rod Cassidy in June 17, 2015.

My dream was made a reality by Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation. Pastor David Gates, president of Gospel Ministries International gave my name for the selection to Rod Cassidy the Brianna’s father. In January, 2016 I flew my first hour flying at the Flight Training School at the airport of Trompillo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. From the start the training continued with many trails, difficulties; days with bad weather and hard work. We saw miracle after miracle and even though I was very discouraged, God continued to open the door and the sky.


Thinking about Rod and Mary Cassidy and the sacrifice that they made by losing their only child, Brianna and her own passion to be in the air helped me continue until the end. By the grace of God in August 21, 2017, I did my last flight as a student.

On September 6 he had his written test. Three days later I finished my oral test and September 13 finally the test flying with Cessna 152 II of the school, and passed them all. September 21, I received the Private Pilot License.

After 37 years of waiting, the incredible and impossible dream came true only by many prayers and the work of God. Who through all these years was preparing me for this achievement.

We will continue to work here in Bolivia as volunteer missionaries. GMI is waiting for two airplanes that will come back from USA to be registered in Bolivia, I will begin gaining experience and hours of flying in these airplanes working in the medical aviation program in areas far away in the interior of Bolivia.



Working with Brandtley, the chief pilot, in the Moony, preparing a plane to go to US for changing the registration from US to Bolivian.

All the family, Mirta, Sharon, Karen, Lara and I praise God for his goodness and mercy.

A special thanks to each of you, for all your prayers and support during these two long years, it means a lot for me and my family.


 Miguel A. Farias

“Oh, give thanks to the God of heaven! For His mercy endures forever.”

Psalm 136: 26