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Visiting L’Esperance-Bolivia, children’s Village

From May 25 to 27, 2018, a team of six people made a trip to the children’s village of L’Esperance. The dentist, David, who was in the group, has visited them a year before and has seen the great needs of medical care in the families.

L’Esperance is located on the road from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba. In Automobile we made the trip in six hours; Don Juan Núñez, former director of the institution, was waiting for us at the entrance to the place.
This children’s home is a place where children have a place to live, many of these children have lived alone in the streets or their homes do not have a stable emotional situation, then the government of Bolivia takes them and sends them to L’Esperance until your family situation becomes stable again.

The village is organized into 6 families with a total of 65 children. They have a mother and a father in each house. The relationship we saw between parents and the foster children is admirable. For all the team that visited them, the most beautiful was the spiritual area, we saw how the parents teach the love of Jesus, the relationship that each child has with Jesus, how they sing and the happiness in their faces.

Some of them may stay at home for a few months, but surely they do not leave the place with the same spirit with which they arrived: they will bring with them the Light and Peace that only the love of Jesus can bring.

During the two days we were there, Dr Efrain checked all the children and parents, completing a clinical history for each one, which the institution did not have, giving free medication for each case, I also leave the mothers extra medications like fever’s medicine, vitamins and antibiotics for future problems that could be found in children.

The dentist, David, also checked all the children, doing dental cleaning and extractions, with the help of Brandtley as a dental assistant and Miguel in the registration of each one.

Jenny (Brandtley wife) was in charge of the children, while they were waiting for the appointment for the doctor or dentist, she gave them an oral hygiene class and how to brush their teeth, she also gave them the Plan of Salvation in drawing to be colored.

On Sunday 27, it was Mother’s Day in Bolivia, thanks to a donation we were able to give each mother, two beautiful books: “Step of Christ” and “The Desire of Ages”. Two valuable books that will help to know more about Jesus and his great mission.

The way in which this institution is solved, is through the sale of carpentry and bakery products to the community and nearby cities. The children of L’Esperance have many needs, one of them is the need for washing machines in each house, at this moment each child washes his personal garments by hand.

In the picture are brothers Juan and Esther Nuñez, with Dr. David Flores, Dr. Efrain Lopez, Brandtley and Jenny Greenlaw, Miguel and me.

I want to thank each participant of this trip, thanks to Juan and Esther, who with open hands welcomed us to the home. Thanks to all the people who helped us through their prayers and financial help made it possible for this medical mission trip to take place.

 Thank infinitely to our dear Heavenly Father for his constant guidance.

Miguel and Mirta Farias


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