In January 12, Keylin came for her second cleft lip surgery, as it was on schedule. They left San Borja in the middle of the raining season, And spent 40 hours to arrive in Santa Cruz, with Miguel we waited at the bus station 6 hours for them because their bus was broken.

We were in prayer because the next day they needed to be at the hospital for an evaluation;  finally they took a taxi, and at 12:00 am at night they arrived at the bus station where we were waiting for them, everybody was happy because Keylin in three days will have with God grace her surgery.

Thanks to the Rotary Club Santa Cruz and the doctor Ximena Trujillo the first surgery and the second surgery were able to do for free.  Here is the video that shows the first time when Keylin arrived for the first surgery http://Medical Aviation Service helped Keilin.

Also, in the first surgery, ASDEIH, was able to bring her back to San Borja by airplane, it was a real blessing for them because Keylin had a difficult recuperation, the fly was only two hours.

Keylin is now 1 year and nine months, she is healthy, thank the work of her mom Linsay and grandmother Teodora that are helping her with the food with much dedication.

She still has an open palate that difficult her eating, she needs more surgeries for her cleft palate, but until then Keylin needs continuing growing in size.

Thank God for these improvements inKeylin’s lip. Thanks Him for his guidance and wisdom that he gave to the doctors to do this kind of surgery.

Keylin father was anxious to see her, her face. With much joy they returned home, also, we had the opportunity to pray with them and gave them the two beautiful books, “Step of Christ” and “Desire of Ages” and we are continuing praying for Keylin and her family that  they can be closer to Jesus every day.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Your help is very valuable for us. We are only doing that God calls us to do on the mission field, serve others.

Thank you so much for all your encouragement. God bless you!!!!

Miguel and Mirta Farias